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Shit, Piss And Snot For An Old Slave!

Here my girlfriend had prepared Lady Luciana, an old slave pig for me, who was lying under a toilet chair. These slaves pig, I have then extremely, shitting and pissing, in his mouth. After he ate my big shit sausage, Luciana and I spit the slave in his mouth. In addition, we poured the slave, the piss that had landed on the ground, in his mouth. The pierced slave cock was totally stiff by that, he seemed to have liked it. Finally, the slave had to slurp and lick the piss that had landed on the ground.

Humilated And Shit Into The Toilet Mouth P2

Now Lady Kimi has to shit urgently and after that you can see why it was pressing. It is a huge pile of shit in the mouth of the toilet slave. All Scatqueens are laughing about it and the slave has to chew and swallow now after the big pile from Scatqueen Lady Lucy. It seems that is too much for only one toilet slave. It is more or less a meal for three slaves.

Young Lady Served The Sausage

Watch our young domina as she shits in the studio for you on a plate. Provided with tools. Just for you!

School Room Toiletslave

This man is a slave for this school, he is their human toilet? Whenever the girls has to go to the toilet he is the one they turn to! He is their TOILET and he is available whenever he is needed!