Golden Sower Pee

Caramel Delight’s Morning Relief!!

There is nothing Caramel Delight Enjoys more than a early morning smoke and dump!!! She tells you as much in the first scene as she says “It’s nothing better than starting your day with a nice shit! Gettin them deamons up out you!” Enjoy as she takes gassy, sharty first dump. Then in the second scene, it appears she wasn’t the first one to use the toilet that morning, as she finds pee on the toilet seat. Damn! LOL she cleans the seat just in time to sit down and immmediately unleash another huge load. Enjoy as she poops, smokes and then flexes her toes in front the camera as well. She shows her Muddy Pile to you as well!!


Mistress Syrkay shits lots of thin long sausages in her living toilet. Suddenly, the shit almost shoots like diarrhea into the slave’s mouth. Three times in a row, the mistress shits huge portions in the wide open throat. The big heaps of shit creates the slave only with choking ..

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Part 4

To wash off the scat in my taste buds, they take turns sitting above my face to pee in my mouth. I took in all the urine I can swallow to cleanse my mouth off their scat.