Goo Sex Pooping

Shit-eater In The Toilet

My toilet slave is cleaning my shoes while I am thinking of how to humiliate him even more! Suddenly I start to fill movements in my belly … So I decided to use him as my toilet slave and to shit in his mouth! I brought him in the toilet and place him on the floor and filled his mouth with my shit. I make him to fully eat my fragrant SHIT on the camera. Oh God, it’s cruel and ugly, I know. But I love to humiliate a naughty boys. I tell him what a jerk he is and left him alone to enjoy his delicious breakfast!

Shitting Practice!

One of these two lesbians isn’t feeling too well while in the middle of their naughty time on the bed! However, she hides her uneasiness since she doesn’t want to break the mood! Though, not long after, she could no longer resist the demands of her body and ends up pissing on the bed! This isn’t the worst part as she then follows with pooping! She doesn’t release one massive chunk, but rather, a series of small piles! Out of panic, she tries to clean the sheets by grabbing her feces and then spreading it all over her butt cheeks!

Lady Devils Slave Feeding P1

Lady Devil has her own special way to fill up a toilet slave with her shit. This time She wants to look to her toilet slave when he swallow the shit like a dinner together with her pee.

Peeing On The Kitchen Floor

Peeing on the kitchen floor (JJ000224)