Gorgeous Girl Ttaking A Shit

Mistress Gaia – Hundred Strokes

Today I will celebrate with this slave his hundredth session with Me, he expects a session of pleasure … but the real surprise will be a party of pain and suffering just like I like it if he will be able to endure until the end without interruption, something nice will come for him.

Husband Showered With Pee & Puke! – Full Movie

His wife is a hard bitch to please and he has to do a lot of nasty stuff just to keep her satisfied. Now he just got home late and here she is snarling like a dragon and demanding his total obedience. So he took his clothes off just the way she wants it and lies down on the floor, waiting for her commands. She sits near his head and pukes on his face, drenching him in the remnants of the dinner she ate earlier. She gathers her puke in a container and pours it all over his face and makes him drink it! When he’s already soaked in puke, she stands over him sans panties and pees on him, making him filthier than he already is!

Grateful Student Rewards Prof With Pussy & Piss!

She almost didn’t make the mark at school but her prof was kind enough to give her a passing grade. For that, she wants to reward him with the lusciousness of her cunt! She surprises him by showing up at this house and taking off her panties! He can’t resist so he licks her sticky pussy and he likes what he is tasting. For good measure, he makes her suck his cock as well. They end up with him eating her cunt until she’s exhausted from cumming so much.

Cheeky And Horny Piss Chicks Play Inside The Bathroom! – Mp4

This time Jess and Katya are together in the bathroom. The two girls are very horny and like to play with each other. First they start to undress – and then their hands are stroking their sexy teen bodies! They are so horny that their nipples are already hard! Next they go down and sit at the edge of the bathtub so they can easily pee. They help each other spreading their pussies – so the golden liquid can leave their pussies much easier! While doing so they have lot of fun and are happy all the time. They look so cute! At the end they clean each other with the shower and rubbing their pussies – til they say good bye to you with a kiss!