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Mahiro, The Human Toilet!

I lay absolutely still so she would not notice. The talisman on my skin, tattooed near my butt, makes me invisible as a human, and makes me look like a perfect toilet. Akiya, my neighbor, approaches me, puzzled. She is puzzled why there is a toilet in the middle of the room. The magic does its trick and she pushes down her pure white panties. I zero in on her hair slit, and the golden nub on top of it. I can smell her glorious sweat, collected from walking all day, and I feel dizzy with excitement. Her face relaxes, and her pussy is inside my mouth. Her salty pee begins to drizzle down my tongue, and I taste the sharp salty-sweet flavor. She continues pouring the golden glory down my throat, and I swallow fast and hard, intent on swallowing everything. I have to keep up, so my mistress can keep pissing in my mouth, and down my throat. I love her taste, her glorious flavor, and the texture of her fine pussy hairs in my mouth. I want more… I want more…

Piss On Me And Give Me Your Sperm

I was so horny on his cock that I wanted him in my mouth. Horny as I am and suck his cock hard until he had to pee. Since he pisses me pretty in the face and I opened my mouth. That was cool. Next, I sucked his cock and wanted him to inject me in my mouth. I was so horny for his sperm. He grabbed his cock firmly in my hand but he could not hold it anymore and squirted into my mouth, even though he wanted to squirt in my face. He then sprayed the rest on my face.


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