Granny Fart Pee Shit

Who Would Like To Swallow Hearty Piss, Vomit And Snot?

If no one wants to, they’ll have to. I love putting my slaves in desperate situations. Just like in this video where he has the standing order to keep the table clean with his tongue and drink the bowl in which we all three of us piss out. The slave licks as fast as he can and drinks the cup empty from time to time. Domi increases the severity level, she chops on the middle of the table, at the latest now the slave has a big problem because the order applies even if vomit lands on the table.

Mason Jar Mess

A fan wanted to taste me, so I made a special treat for him. Now I don’t know how to can tomatoes or anything like that, but I sure can fill up a mason jar with hot piss and some super soft and stinky shit! My cameraman really earned his cut with this clip as he got super close! You will think you can smell it he was so close to my hole when the shit was coming out!!! Best of all, you get to finish the clip with a long, slow close-up view of the jar from bottom to top and see just how much shit I packed in for my lucky, hungry fan.

Dirty Blond Girl

See this beautiful blond girl doing dirt things in the bath. She likes to shit and play.

Piss Drinking In Bathroom

Mistress use my tongue to satisfy her pussy and ass. After a while, she says i deserve a reward and use my mouth for her golden nectar. I must drink all or else….