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Scat Saving Clip! Mara And Rosella! No.2

Here you see only the horny scat and piss scenes, where I shit and piss, with my hot girlfriend Mara Martinez, a slave extremely in the mouth and where we shitting and pissing Public Outdoor together. And indeed, to one, from the 13 minutes Full Movie: Two brown bombers for a slave mouth.2 Mistresses drop 2 shit sausages in a slave mouth!, and for another, from the 3minutes Full Movie: Public outdoor shit and piss with girlfriend!

Pantypooping, With Scat Play

New amazing hot video with SCAT play, fingering, smearing shit on my juicy booty and pantypooping, big load of fresh warm shit..i know you want to see it!)Dont forget subscribe on my official page on twitter, in July you be surprised!))

Flow Of Smelly Diarrhea

My slave lay on the floor and wanted only one thing so I filled his mouth with my shit. But he did not even realize how cruel I am and he’ll have to swallow all my shit without a trace. His desire to serve me as a toilet exceeded all his expectations and he denied, but I shoved the shit into his mouth with a dick and spit there. Now he is a full toilet and is ready to serve the company of several girls. This is his cherished desire.

Public Far Piss At The Lake!

In my public action at 02.07.15 at Wachendorfer lake I had to pee sometimes. So I Pissed in a high arc before countless audiences. The audience gave comments from you hear in the video. I have as far pissed that I have hit the cameraman, who was sitting 2 meters away, and he scared back smudge. That’s why I had to laugh and the audience!