Granny Gives Piss

Scatqueens Scat Pig P2

Now the toilet slave is allowed to go to his knees and gets the shit served by Scatqueen’s Lady Domi. She feeds him first. Then he has to shove the shit into his pig’s mouth. He is humiliated and spit in his face. Somehow, the slave has problems and almost puke. The Syatqueens laugh.

Stinky Arse Fingering, Messy Finger Ass To Mouth

Spreading my bbw friend’s sticky, sweaty ass cheeks. Sliding a finger up her dirty bum. She licks and sucks my shitty finger clean. I stick my finger up her stinky arsehole again and into her rectum, she licks it clean again. Messy finger, messy finger from arse to mouth, butt spreading, finger smelling

Peeing On Her Face

Peeing on her face (JJ000344)