Granny Is Shitting

Goddess Andreea Using Toilet After Slave Humiliation

Goddess Andreea humiliating her toilet slave again with foot fetish, cbt, ballbusting and verbal abuse. She remains again alone at home when she need to piss, so she use the cold porcelain toilet to relieve herself. She mastutbate also in her bathroom to can cumm until her new sessions.

Mistress Gaia And The Best Present You Have Ever Received!!!!!!

I wanna caught out you… I really wanna amaze you!!! I know you do not deserve it, but I could be sweet if I’m in good mood…. And this is a perfect day not only for my good mood. I’m not honly pleased, but even ready to offer you the best present you have ever received from me. I make it, warm, soft and delightful, and I put it into a box and…. You have to find out how does it end. Purchase the clip, hurry up!!! To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also visit my website Mistress Gaia.. You could download English subtitles for this clip.

Wet Dogfood

As a little surprise for my slave I fed him with a pile of dogfood. For drinking afterwards I allowed him to be my toilet. For enjoying his meal twice, I ordered him to bring all up and eat it again.It is always fun for me to push losers over their limits, only for me to laugh at them.