Granny Lesbian Shit Eat

Punishment For Being Late

I was getting ready to feed my Toilet Shit eater in the morning, waited for him, and he was late for 4 hours. Of course I couldn’t hold that amount of shit myself, I poop in a jar and decided to teach his naughty toilet mouth. He apologized, and begged, but I was adamant and still stuffed all my shit.

How It All Began

I was walking through the woods and saw a guy that seemed familiar. Calling it I just made sure that I saw it on the website BDSM toilet slave. I decided to use it directly in nature. He was afraid that he knew, but couldn’t resist my onslaught. I put him down and shit in his mouth, and then I realized that I like it. And since then he became my Toilet Shit eater

High Tech Slave Training

High tech slave training: by using electricity I can torture the toilet slave’s penis (which it no longer needs) and keep my hands free of having to touch the disgusting creature any more than necessary. Being able to deliver an electrical charge to the ‘dick’ at any time allows me to be playful and carefree as I listen to the music of the screaming sub-human. Its cries and my laughter are beautiful music. Even as it writhes on the floor its dick gets harder. It is trapped by my beauty and its perversion. I even allow it to lick my perfect pussy while my asshole swells and gets bigger and bigger. Finally my shit comes out slowly and thickly and lies in a perfect round pile on the toilet’s face. I stand and kick the slave’s balls which electrocuting its penis to get it to eat. Then I start masturbating the slave’s penis with my foot and then my hand, all the while slapping the loser’s balls and ordering it to eat. The slave experiences the taste of shit, the pain of ball slapping, the pleasure of masturbation at the same time, conditioning it to sexualize pain and humiliation. It is never going to have normal sex again.

Innocent Student Gets Shit-schooled!

She just moved in from a strict Catholic school so the new and liberal environment of the new school is shocking for her! Lucky for her, her new classmates are willing to teach her how to fit right in! Now they are teaching her how to let go of her inhibitions. They make her go on all fours at the desk, sans panties. Her classmates take turns parting her ass and licking her pussy and asshole. They stimulate her well until she produces a soft clumb of feces on the floor. They tell her that she will also have to learn how to eat her own shit!