Granny On Pooper

Swallow Our Piss You Horny Bastard!

In my hot AO -GangBang in Karlsruhe on 10 January to the 50 men have come, could not just cram every my greedy holes and me with plenty of sperm, fill me . Also everyone who wanted was allowed to fill me with his piss. Here in the first mass piss -Round, piss me the first 4 tails, on a rooftop, in my greedy little mouth and pissed it, even my body full. I obediently swallowed the spicy piss and beautiful, with the Golden champagne, gurgled and played!

Shit Cup Of Coffee

My wife makes shit in a cup of coffee.

From White Tights To Brown – Pushing His Limits!!

Just plain farting on my slaves face was getting old, I feel like he’s getting used to it. It’s time to test his limits;) I hold it in for two days, building up the nastiest surprise for him. Loading up on gassy foods before squeezing into some thin white tights and blowing the absolute foulest airy farts right into his nose!!! God that must smell terrible. The smell is even making me gag. What’s Worse is the right fabric of these leggings does an excellent job of holding in all that extra fart and make it linger for what seems like eternity… Every breath he takes will be straight from my gas filled leggings with his nose right up against my butthole.. But I can’t hold it in any longer… let’s see if he can breathe through my leggings when their full of my sht!!.. Time for your new test baby. Maybe if you can handle this I’ll promote you to full toilet duty.. actually that doesn’t matter to me.. Youll be spreading that mouth open for me before you know it honey ;).. ——WARNING– Clip contains toilet humiliation and ‘filthy’ legging smother, view at your own discretion. The clip does continue for about another 5 minutes when I decide to pull down my tights and give him a full on smother in my filth. Grinding it into his face, filling his mouth and nose to the point of it coming out in the back of his throat!! But that has been cut out due to personal reasons. Details to obtain the final ending the clip are found within the video.