Granny Piss Desperation

Filled With Nasty Shit

Upcoming dinner for the slave. He don’t know what I prepared for him. I raise him with a whip and command me to kiss my heels, my feet and my shoes. Then I make him to kiss my ass hole. Slowly, gently and carefully… Mmm…Now he is ready for the most important moment. To eat my shit, which will come out directly from this sweet hole. Open your mouth wider and enjoy! Chew – is your food! Ha-ha ))

Mistress Roberta – Smelly Big Trail Of Shit

Today i get the sexy mini dress on and i prepared a jar so i can pee inside it after the pee comes the shit and i poop a long creamy trail of it after shitting as you know by now you hav eto lick clean my ass hole and after you can eat and drink your breakfast.

Cory Chase In Messy Hotel Dump

Sometimes they do not come out clean. I was staying at a hotel last week and really had to go. Wow that was really messy, now you can enjoy the mess.