Granny Poop Hole Pooping

Carrot And Stick

Carrot and stick. The way my slave will hopefully be the perfect toilet for me. This time I set it up on the coffee table. I can shit him comfortably in his open mouth and watch him how he chews everything nicely. So that he really swallows everything, I motivate him with a nice blowjob. That is everything a slave can expect.

Toilet Brush – It Hurts!

Toilet brush – it hurts! The sauna was very big and the girls hid in different rooms and they had to be found! Feeding the toilet brush – one of the most painful feeding. The mouth is like a fire – the sharp ends of the brush are sucked into the delicate skin of the mouth and tongue – tastes and sensations are at the limit of the possible! But this is not safe, since the slave is completely defenseless against the bacteria of the girls.

Guy Is Buried In The Woods!

While on his way home from work, this man decides to take a shortcut in the woods. In the middle of his journey, he is greeted by two ladies who are half-naked! Being a married man, he doesn’t pay much attention to them and continues walking, though, it is them who approaches him! They suddenly grab him and then throw him on the ground where they have dug up a hole! He tries to get out but the sweethearts step on him and pin him on the floor! Eventually, they start filling the hole with dirt, only leaving his head on the surface! Now that he is unable to escape or resist, the women take turns sitting on his face and smothering him with their big butts! When they get contented with pleasuring themselves, they proceed to dig him up, but they don’t pull him out, instead, they take turns defecating on his face before leaving him alone!