Great Pee Ker

Scat Queen Sweet Betty Gone Wild

– Come to my bath and I will teach you to love SCAT, I will flood you with my urine streams, and cover from head to foot with my amazing fresh shit. If you ask for supplements, I will gladly dance my dirty ass on your face. So what are you waiting for? Also do not forget to subscribe to my official twitter page, buy my worn panties, and order stunning custom videos!)

Hitwoman In Toilet

Custom: Coming home just after having killed your now former boss with the same facesitting method you usually use because he hasn’t payed you for your last job, wearing the same outfit you wear in “vacuuming pantry”(short grey dress, pantyhose and shoes) with no panties, coming in the bathroom touching your butt with one hand because it’s coming and holding your victim tablet you stole from him in the other so you can check what’s information are inside while sitting on the toilet, start taking down your pantyhose in a sexy way shaking your butt a bit while taking your pantyhose down while slapping your butt, blowing a bit because you are bloated and it’s about to come out, turn around and settle down on the seat with a huge groan of pleasure “ AAHHH yes I sit down” you exclaimed rolling your eyes in the same time, but you lift up just a little bit so you can spread your butt a bit and sit back while crossing your legs lifting one buttcheeks a little bit slapping it while whispering sexy with a smile “ let’s go” you said as you let out some few little farts complaining about the spicy food you eat earlier, that make you fart a lot on your prey face too while you were sitting on it,a stream of pee come out to with some moan of relief as a fountain come out, as you are still cross legged on the throne you push with some grunt, deep in the reading of the tablet, making some small comments of what you reading “some pretty interesting things in there” you whisper as you start to push a big one out from your big ass while grunting as it splash down heavily in the bowl, that make you roll your eyes in relief because you were holding it a while “oh fuck finally” you whisper in relief as it make you feel better, but you are not finished as you push out more shaking your head in spite a bit because of what you reading “pfff bastard” you whisper about your prey. You feel a bit hot so you take out your boobs from your dress as a fart comes out “HMMM I farted”you said closing your eyes as it’s so relaxing, more farts comes out from your ass, show some disgust about the smell with a smile, like you are proud about your ass,few moment later you are bored by the tablet so you get up with your pantyhose at knee level and go out from the toilet just a few second to retrieve a gossip magazine letting the camera still turning and come back plopping your beautiful curvy behind back on the toilet cross legged again you read some article as you push out more and more splashing down “ohh that feel so good” you whisper in pleasure. now you are almost finished, you take down the mag, leaning forward spreading your legs apart so your pussy can be seen teasing at the camera with a seducing smile pee a bit while concentrate to push the last out with some grunt because it’s a hard one until it splash down, you complaining it have splashed your ass a bit…you start to wipe, get up put back your pantyhose still in a sexy way, flush and leave.

The Toilet Cunt P3

Lady Lucy has a thick boogers in the nose, which is suitable correctly to eat. This She snorts directly to the lips of the slave. Now he has a fat booger to eat. The slave should enjoy the small dining also. He chews the boogers and then eats it up completely. What a moment. Afterwards Lady Kimi is on the toilet slave and poops a fairly soft turd down his throat. So much so that the shit sticks out of the mouth. And this is the third portion of shit today for the toilet slave. Everything chew and swallow. Lady Domi take the cane that the slave eat the shit faster.