Griflriend Shit

Toilet Slaves Meal

Watch me Poo your meal off the side of my tub . Then listen to me encourage you to devour every single piece of my waste .

Francesca’s Sharts And Sludge!!!

Francesca’s Back with an “Eeewww”!! clip! Actually make that two. “Eeew” is a classic Francesca reaction to her often Nasty blasts.. SHe begins the first scene sitting reverse kanga on the bowl. She pees before releasing some sharty worm logs onto the floor. The rumble in her tummy wasn’t finished at that point, so she went into the bathtub to unleash some more!! Enjoy as she spreads that big bubblebutt to push out her wet, nasty load!!! Another FUNKY treat from Francesca!!

2 Big Dumps

Taking two enormous chocolate brownies down your mouth. Your stomach thanks me very much. Burb it out, push it back out, then eat it all over again.

Ne Fette Wurst F’r Dich (kv)

Stell dir vor ich würde dich anscheißen und du liegst unter mir! 1/13