Gril Shiting Into Slave Mouth

Mistress Roberta -lick Clean My Soles Of Shit Before Eating -pov

Today my toilet slave you have another task and i bet you will love this one, today you will lick clean my soles of shit is like talking a snack before eating and i know how much you like to eat my shit so i have prepared this surprise for your breakfast and in the end you can eat the leftovers, enjoy!

Drink My Pee Slave – 6

I love to see my worm drinking my pee… And he must swallow all! This time for helping him I pee in one shoe and make him drink from it!



The Glutton

That is, how a slave has to work! Before this movie he got some snot, spittle, pee and a huge load of dirt from the street to eat for videos on the ?dangerous-girls?, but now finally in this clip he is allowed to swallow a big portion of scat. Is he well after that? Haha? That is not important for me, as long as he swallows all as I command. For my fun he gets some beats and kicks also. 😉