Grils Pooping In Diapers

Nurses Love Getting Their Piss Swallowed!

Two nurses are assigned to a man, but upon reaching his room, they find him well and healthy. So they don’t look at him as a patient, but instead, someone whom they can quench their ravaging urges! With their sexual drive that have built up throughout the entire day, they are fast to strip the victim of his clothes and secure a leash around his neck! After which, they lay him on the floor where one of them proceeds to urinate into his mouth, consequently leaving him with no choice but swallow mouthful after mouthful until she is done! She then sits on his face to have him lick her pussy clean! Shortly after, the two are in the middle of taking turns feeding him with their vagina! As their urges worsen, they later start burying his face in between their buttocks! They later stop, only because the other sweetheart pisses into his mouth! Just like earlier, he has no choice but to swallow every drop that she releases!

A Finger Up Her Poop-filled Ass!

She is having an extremely hard time shitting for the past few days and she hates the way it’s affecting her skin. So she goes to a special doctor who can make her poop problems go away. As part of his unconventional treatment, he makes her takes her panties off and crouches on all fours on the massage bed. Deftly, he pushes his fingers up her bum and probes deeply, feeling the shit trapped in there. After a couple of minutes of vigorous ass finger fucking, chunks of shit burst forth from her anus right into the pan he placed beneath her bum. She’s so thankful for his treatment that she takes hold of his cock and gives him a rewarding blow job!

2 Goddesses Humiliate Me In A Renting Apartment Part 1

Today i call my 2 good friends, 2 gorgeous dommes and ask them if they are ready to use me and humiliate me beeing their FULL TOILET SLAVE for both, SAMETIME !! THEY AGREE and ask me to rent asap an apartment and go there cause they cannot hold it anymore !!! They use my mouth and body, one after another, filling my mouth with their pee, put me to drink their pee, and order me to eat their MIXED SHIT !! Meanwhile they give me another task with cock strocking and also fisting my ass. The clip was too long and is splitted in 3 parts. part one now