Grl Sucking Shit From Man

Explosion Of Stinking Farts And Poop

Do not miss this show of sounds and strong smells. Surely you will like it.

Behind Me

Today the camera is placed behind me.Nice clear view of my morning toilet.

Mistress Roberta – Eat The Shit From My Feet -pov

Today slave you will get a nice snack over my perfect feet after i shit and pee today i will put my feet into that creamy hot shit and i will order them to lick the, clean, and only after you can eat the leftovers .Bon apetit!

Scat Swallow By Giant Girl Nanda Lopez

Synopsis : Nanda Lopez was born to do evil, she loves to humiliate practicing scat domination. So humiliating it enslaves and humiliates her maid Vivi, who is small and fragile. Suffering is brutal and brutal.