Grocery Piss Store

3 Girls Used The Toilet Slave

3 girls used the toilet slaveChristina – has accumulated shit for 2 days.Yana – has accumulated shit for 2 days.Amina – constipation 4 days.All the girls strongly wanted to shit and in every possible way hurried me to start shooting. I was scared – because I have to swallow everything – I should not disgrace the girls!Christina was the first – to her taste and smell I had long been accustomed to and loved it! She always hurried me – Swallow faster, the girls want to shit, the girls are waiting!Yana was second, her shit was sweet to taste and contained a large number of grains that crunched in my mouth. In the process of shooting Yana pooping 2 times and additionally fed me female secretions.Amina was the third. I was in anticipation of a big pile. By phone, Amina told me that she had shit on Sunday – today was Wednesday! I asked – so you have a hard and a lot? She answered – Yes, and laughed! She had a very hard and well-formed shit – swallowing it is as difficult as diarrhea. When it all ended I felt myself used – it was really tough, I thought that I could not keep it to myself, but I did it! I think now I’m ready to serve 4 girls, but I think – this is my maximum!

Jeans Wetting

I go down the strett and must pee. So I piss in my Jeans.

Mistress Gaia – Silent Shitting

In this video I say no word and you must just sit at my feet to see the scented shit that comes out of my divine ass. Feel the smell of my shit? Its perfume? Look and loves the hot product of the intestine of your Mistress: everything she gives you must to be a holy relic to be preserved jealously, the food with which to feed you to survive with the sole purpose of serving your Goddess!