Groped And Pee

Shitty Surprise

I have told my slave that we are making a foot clip today and he is not being #used #as #toilet. He begins to lick my feet and isn’t doing well. It quickly gets too boring for me and I put my original plan into action: I tell him to lie down and of course he obeys. I squat over him with a big grin and start pooping immediately. Then he gets a large portion of piss in his mouth and over his body.Bad luck!

Boss Feeds Under Performing Employee With Piss And Pussy!

It is the end of the month so this lady looks at the performance records of the employees. One that caught her attention is of a man who has been under performing consecutively in the previous months! Without further ado, she summons the guy in her office to punish! As soon as he arrives, she throws him on the floor and then lays him on his back! Shortly after, she takes off her lower garments and stuffs her panties inside his mouth, leaving him repeatedly gagging! She later puts the garment away, but it doesnÂ’t signify the end of his punishment, as a matter of fact, it is when things took a turn for the worst! The dominatrix powerfully pries open his mouth and then urinates inside it! This left him swallowing a couple of mouthfuls of her piss!

Panty Poop And Toilet Session! Princess Millie!

Young and beautiful model Millie brings the slave into the bathroom to humiliate and dominate about him again. She loves when the slave lick and kiss her pretty legs. She goes to the bathroom and takes off her panties. But the slave is waited by a pleasant surprise in pants of the princess Millie. This is a big delicious shit wich the slave must eat from at all. Toilet slave eats all the shit and lick her ass, so that her ass would be clean. After that princess Millie command the slave to lick and kiss her wet pussy and kiss her feet and again to lick her asshole to shine. She spits in his mouth and make him swallow it. This is very delicious domination from young pretty girl. Slave smells fragrant shorts and eats the shit remains. It is delightful!

Self Enema She Sprayed Shit!

Just another day walking in the park when this naughty girl decided to take a dump in public!