Group Forced Abused Piss

Mara And Rosella Piss A Slave In The Mouth!

My girlfriend Contessa Barbara Calucci had worried for me and my cutie girlfriend Mara-Martinez, a toilet slave! This was already on the ground, so we could piss him nice in his mouth. First I pissed him a full load in his mouth and then Mara. The slave, had with the swallow of piss, problems, with 2 piss jaws so hard and so much piss. He also jamed that he was full and some of our hot piss landed on the floor. But that did not interest us that the slave whimpered. As a punishment we gave him a straw and he had to slurp the piss that had landed on the ground, with the straw, slurp from the ground and swallow!

Domi And Kimi Shiting Self Filmed Session

A pathetic slave is lying in the shower cabinet, and he disgust the Cats so much. They take turns in filling his loser face with spit. Kimi place her ass over his mouth, and serve him a real meal directly from her ass. He is eating, but it goes so slow! So she put on some glove, and start feeding him, so he does not miss anything form his meal.Domi goes next and make sure to place a few logs in his mouth to. He is not leaving the room hungry for sure. When she is done, she place herself over him, and piss in his mouth and on him. Now he should smell like a real toilet!

The Task Eat It All Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Big Breasted Torry Strips And Pees – Mov

The dark haired Torry stands just in front of the toilet and starts stripping. Slowly she takes off her blouse and jeans. Wearing only blue underwear she decides to take them off too! Now totally naked, Torry has to pee! She stands above the toilet and let the golden nectar flow. She doesn’t hit only the ground of the toilet but that’s not important ? because from this point of view you can see her peeing action better!