Group Human Toilet

Please Shit From Behind

But of course, Andy! Here’s your video 🙂 And the sausage comes tomorrow on the trip 🙂 And horny abgekackt from behind, right?

My Husband Is A Pimp & I Punished Him! – Part 4

I moved him into the bathroom to clean him up but my insides are still full and I needed to unload more, fuck the toilet bowl. My husband is now my fucking toilet!!! THERE YOU GO!!! HAVE IT ALL..

Curvy Model’s Shit With Italian Taralli

This clip marks the welcome return of my dear friend Demetra (a 23 years old model). Her basic idea was to shit in a sandwich and give it to you to eat. She knows well that ItalScat fans would like to become her human toilet. Because Demeter had no bread in the house, she creates an alternative menu. At first she evacuates (two big pieces of shit, the second really long and apparently never ending) on a magazine page, then she decorates the fecal matter with italian taralli. Demetra also enjoys playing with her shit, doing many small holes with a thin piece of wood. The brown pile, at least visually, doesn’t seem so repulsive. But, I can assure, during the video shooting, it was almost necessary to put a clothespin on the nose: the smell in the room was unbelievable and simply horrible!