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Special Dinner For My Slave

I am standing in the kitchen at the stove and I am cooking a truly delicious menu. My slave comes into the kitchen and asks me what to eat. But for him I have a special dinner today. I urge him to lie down on the floor. Then I push my dirty asshole on his mouth and he can lick me and get a taste.Then I put a funnel in his mouth and shit a big load directly into it. Afterwards I still piss. This makes the whole thing a little more enjoyable. But it seems a little too much for him. He starts eagerly to swallowing my shit, but he obviously has some problems with it.Also, my vehement call and my light strokes with a spoon do not help. But it seems to be delicious. When my slave cums I let grace prevail. This time he does not have to eat it all.

Toilet Wednesday

Had eaten a combination of snacks throughout the day, it was time to let it RIP. Move, get out of my way, its time to PUSH!

Huge Breasts And Peeing Fun

Luba Luv is a really hot BBW model! She has very big breasts and she know how to use them… She had a porno-shooting some minutes ago. Then she realizes that she has an urgent demand: She has to pee very soon! So she runs to the toilet and takes off her clothes. What do you think about her huge breasts? They are incredible big ? and absolutely natural! But of course her panties land on the ground very soon too! She stands near the toilet, raises one leg and lays back against the wall ? and starts to finger her pussy… She is still very horny because of the porno shooting! While she masturbates her golden nectar flows out of her pussy. But this won’t stop her from continuing. She fingers her wet hole until she reaches a climax ? and in the meantime has to piss a second time! Most of the golden liquid lands on the ground and not in the toilet… But that doesn’t matter because she has nothing else on her mind…!