Group Shitting On One Girl

I Wear A Diaper And Take Off My Mask

This video is my little experiment. I have never tried to shit in the diaper) In this video I will do it. I will put shit on a full diaper, I push shit on my full pussy, I will put on a diaper and through a hole in the diaper I will fuck myself with a dildo. Then I eat all the shit out of my diaper !!!At the end of the video, a surprise awaits you … I’ll take off my mask)))

Wild Wedding Night For The Bride! – Part 2

Not satisfied with the mess, her groom calls in his groomsmen to join in on the fun. They take turns spreading shit all over the bride until she and the bed is a disgusting sight of shit and sperm.

Scat Diaper Feeding Humiliation

I love thinking of creative ways to use and humiliate My toilet slaves! So today, I tied My slave up to make sure he couldn’t go anywhere and made him watch as I shat and pissed in a diaper right in front of him. I made him crawl to the diaper and smell it, then I pushed his face into it and rubbed it in. I pushed him so deep into the shit that he could barely breathe and I made him eat My pissy shit directly from the diaper as he gagged in reflex. Once I was amused enough, I took the poop filled diaper and wrapped it around his head before securing it there with duct tape. I then led him around on a leash like a shitty idiot before leaving him in a corner to fester in the scent of My divine shit.

I Have To Urgent!!!

I had so desperately’ll see for yourself how it would get 🙂