Gurl Takes Shit In Guys Mouth

Bbw Pamela’s Toilet Slave (mp4)

Little Looser is a Peeping Tom, a disgraceful and pathetic man, who simply adores opening suddenly toilet doors in the hope of finding young beautiful girls with amazing bodies… sitting on a toilet. But, it appears luck isn’t on his side this time! In fact, in the washroom BBW Pamela (275 lb. of pure malice!) is doing her things and she isn’t too happy to be disturbed by a worm like him. Now, it’s time to show him an exhibition of doubtful taste. At first she pees in a bowl (please, watch the disgusting color of her stinky urine!), them she pours it in the toilet bowl… without flushing the toilet (!!!). Finally, BBW Pamela pushes her new toilet slave’s head directly into the WC.

Holiday Wc – We Piss On Your Keys!

Public toilets and urinals lick. .. And in Turkey., A delicacy … Haha .. Come on with the ladies loo … Here you lick now the loo … And then you blow my sales !!! Nice to lick the piss radicals under my sole … Your face you rub here now on the ground.Kneel in the pee .. And sit nicely … My husband had a good idea. .. I still had your key … Here are your keys … My husband has thrown him into the piss-hole of the urinals and it pissed … Now you can display it again fish out … Of course, without hahah hands … Use your mouth or the key remains in the toilet pissed … and now I’m pretty piss … again on your keys on it!

Triple Mistresses Perform Urinal Experiment

We have three mistresses who each have a full bladder of golden piss to deliver into the slaves mouth. Instead of simply squatting over him, they construct a ingenious design of pipework which will ensure that every drop is delivered where it needs to go. Directly into the slaves mouth!

Toilet Slave Pukes And Pukes Part 1

This Movie is also an older one, but very nice. The Slave still had his Break in Period as a Toilet and still puked and puked, especially in this Movie. Part 1 is great. English Subtitles