Guy Drinking Womans Piss

Bad Painted P2

Mistress Michelle is the next one who still has to shit and sits on the toilet chair of the Scatqueens. She knows exactly that the toilet slave opens his mouth. First piss, then Mistress Michelle shits the slave in his mouth. Lady Sandy laughs and has fun. Then the toilet slave gets the spit of the two Scatqueens and is then fed by Lady Sandy with shit.

Abused As A Company Toilet – Eat My Diarrhea!

A new slave was abused as a toilet while working! He has my order, at any time to be ready when I need a toilet for shit. Today he works in a company! Shortly before closing time has come! I use him as a company toilet and shit him the full load of diarrhea in his mouth! Liter, the shit flows in his face and swells out from his mouth. The toilet paper which I clean my ass comes naturally also in his mouth. Toilet is just a toilet. He has to lie there and wait for his fellow workers from the morning shift. All will piss ans shit him in the face! As of today, he is officially the toilet of the company!

Pissing Swallow Slave!

At the moment I use a new slave.A perverted piece like from the picture book.He cannot agree from my natural champagne enough.And if his education in the languid gulp slut as well as me enjoys this would I want.On the throne I rule.Who kneels before me must count on all without if and, however.