Guy Drinks Own Pee

Shit And Sit Double Slave Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Wife & Mistress Against Man! – Part 1

They corner him in the house and they take turns spitting on and kicking him! They take turns standing over his body and showering him with warm piss!

Poop In The Dressing Room!

Danni and Jessie have been looking forward to their shopping trip, with a friends wedding coming up they are both determined to look better than the bride! Jessie has a bad stomach but even this hasn’t put her off!Meeting in the city with Danni, Jessie tells her what a bad stomach bug she’s got and how she’s worn a nice thick diaper just in case. Danni looks a little worried and mentions that she felt as though she might be sick a few times that morning.Worrying that she may be coming down with the same as Jessie, Danni heads in to the pharmacy to buy a diaper just in case!With a diaper now tucked in her bag, Danni questions whether they should even shop at all, but Jessie insists and they head in to the clothes store.As they look at the clothes Jessie begins to get crippling stomach pains again. Her butt suddenly feels like it’s about to explode and she begins to mess her diaper!As fast as the poop came, so does the smell. ‘Oh My god are you pooping!’ Danni asks with her hand over her nose trying to shield it from the smell that is coming from Jessie. Jessie though is not going to let having a dirty diaper ruin their shopping trip and convinces Danni that apart from the smell, she’s okay.The girls pick out a few dresses and head to the changing rooms. The shop is busy and they have to wait a minute with Jessie’s stinky diaper smell wafting around before a changing stall comes free. As soon as they get inside and pull the curtain shut, Danni exclaims to Jessie that she feels like she’s going to have diarrhea any second! She quickly pulls a diaper out of her bag and takes off her panties. She jiggles, bounces and fumbles around as she tries to get her diaper on in this desperation!As soon as the diapers on Danni gets a pain that makes her bend over. As she does 2 big farts escape and echo round the dressing rooms before she completely fills her diaper with a warm, mushy and VERY stinky mess!Danni’s diaper gets heavier and heavier until it’s weighed down between her thighs! But she’s still not done! Danni moans out loud as she continues to push out more mess in to her diaper!Just when the girls are trying to figure out how to get out of the shop, things go from bad to worse when Jessie suddenly pulls up her skirt needing to poop again herself! If she thought Danni’s fart was loud, then her own must have sounded through the shop entirely!After blasting a HUGE wet fart in to her own diaper, the mess then follows as Jessie stands their helplessly pooping her diaper! More and more follows until Jessie’s diaper is as bulging as her best friends!Both girls are in a bit of a panic now, and being able to hear other women so clearly in the other cubicles, just clarifying the fact that every grunt, every squeak, and every fart had been heard by them all! The girls quickly leave the dressing room wafting their smelly diapers past other women going in and a man sat waiting outside ( who gives the girls a very funny look as they exit!)They have no wipes, no clean diapers and the ride home on the bus in this situation seems unthinkable. Jessie calls up a friend to give them a ride home. As they walk to the friends car, their messy diapers squish and squelch over their butt cheeks and both girls are very glad to climb in.Driving home their pretty sure that their ordeal is over and even sit with their skirts pulled up and legs wide apart checking out each others messy diapers. That’s until Danni gets an over whelming urge to go again! Lifting one of her butt cheeks up, she pushes another big load in to her diaper!With not much room in the car, and the mixture of the smell of both their dirty diapers and now a fresh load added in to Danni’s Jessie puts her hand over her nose and mouth not being able to take any more of the smell!Once back at Jessie’s place both girls begin to get quiet turned on at what has happened, and can’t keep their hands off each other. They rub each others diapers, squishing the mess in to every crease of the diaper. As they masturbate each other and kiss they both know this is going to be one of their best diaper messing experiences ever!