Guy Eats Shit Woman

Birthday Present

Normally, my slave should have not any wishes, but today is his birthday. I’m making an exception. But he also wants something that every lady likes. He wants to be handcuffed lying on the bed so that he is completely under my control. Then I should sit down on his face and he wants to lick me. But only until I can piss and shit in his mouth.He is only allowed to cum when everything is completely swallowed. Since he cannot reach his cock, I have control over him. For that I use not only my hands, but also my mouth. I also fuck him with my finger in the ass. So much motivation he can only get on a special day. But it works. He actually manages to swallow everything clean and lick my ass clean. Because of doing a great job he has earned his mega orgasm.

Mistress Nakia’s Debut

We found a jem with Mistress Nakia; an experienced domme that we happened to stumble upon and got her to use her first human toilet. This was what I call a natural disaster for the slave; a combo of a waterfall of pee and a fast shooting nasty mudslide of shit into his mouth coming out of her bubblelicious beautiful ass. Such a lucky pig to have served under such a perfect goddess.Mistress Nakia is available for sessons at Also be sure to follow this beauty on twitter @MistressNakia

Shitting Into The Glass For F.

So, my dear! Here I ropes you a beautiful, brown, firm sausage in my now empty Nutella jar:-) And it’s you become fully enough ??? Your nose kannste as well as poke, so close I think it is you under the camera:-)