Guy Gets Shit In His Mouth

Smoking Redd’s Smoothie Double Bubbgleguts!!

Smoking Redd’s all about her health and keeping toxins out her body. As a health professional she is all about vegetable smoothies and other ways of cleansing out her intestines. She is at home when she decided to take a smoothie before going to work. SHe talks about all the ingredients inside before consuming it, while also mentioning that it will only take about 30 minutes before what goes down must go out!! On cue 30 minutes later it was floodgates open!!! That Smoothie had her racing to use her clients bathroom!! I sure hope she had some poopurri in there, otherwise it’s hella embarassing for women blowing up somebodies else’s bathroom – but SMoking Redd don’t give a damn!! She will shit in any toilet she pleases if the urge comes! She wasn’t finished however, as a few hours later she has to go once again!! She hates having to do this to a clients toilet, but damn that Smoothie ran through thee!!

Big Hard Scat Into Face And Mouth

Mistress dressed today in a tan catsuit, all white, and you can see also her tits through material . . . she order me to kiss and lick her pussy before my meal. She made today a huge nice pile of hard shit and the shit spread everywhere, on my face, eyes, mouth and on the floor

New Model On The Toilet Stool

Another new model is taking the toilet stool for a spin. Watch her beautiful round booty handle some business!

The New Irristible Toilet Chair Part 4

Here the Girls came together to test the new Toilet Chair and put over the Slave and shit into him one after another Part 4 with Christine. English Subtitles