Guy Pee Fetish

Happy And Smeary

I really needed to poop after work and wanted to play a bit. Why not make my first smearing video? I actually enjoyed the warmth and creamy feeling of my poop. Definitely will do it again soon!

Miss Shilla Piss For Licking

After licking her feet and ass the slave is allowed to drink Shilas piss.

9 Lunches For 9, 9 Dinners For 1, Poor Toilet Slave Part 4

The Goal is, tying up the Slave, against his will or not and make him fit our Needs. Perfect Foot Cleaner to break his Will and then swallow all the Poop with the powerfull Mouth Opener without Leftovers. We did reach that Goal ! Part 4 Diana. English Subtitles

Pee Pure – Glass Full Of Piss Drunk Empty

After my pregnancy I can finally fulfill my fetish to pee. Could hardly wait to fill and then leave it taste all by myself me a fresh glass of piss. It has also tasted delicious. Had fresh piss to drink missed genuine.