Guy Pisses On

Shit Hardcore In Slave Mouth

My toilet slave was fed and puniched with my shit. He lies on the floor and sniffs gases from my ass. He is so excited now. Then I shitting a big portion of shit in his mouth. I put the fallen shit in his mouth. Then he must eaten all my shit! His mouth is dirty shit toilet paper, which I clean my asshole!

The Drink Of The Slave

The Mistress now decides to use his toilet slave…. in the toilet.A strong toilet slave session, where the slave is humiliated continuously with spitting and insults, is made to lie with its head on the toilet, Mistress gets attached to the slave’s mouth and begins to piss in.The slave absolutely must drink it all, his mouth is filled with continuous piss Mistress and slave must swallow it whole.In the end the Mistress puts in his mouth the slave used toilet paper, while continuing to insult him and to fill it with spit. The totally helpless slave to the Mistress service.

Human Toilet In The Girls’ School

Today I am the first in the school, in the classroom a funny surprise waits for me. Someone has provided a living toilet for us girls. What a nice service, you do not have an extra run to the loo and have fun. The shit-eater first only gets my piss, then I shit extensively and torment his balls so he swallows everything completely. The whole seems to be a bit uncomfortable for the toilet – but what the hell, after all he is there for this type of use.