Guy Shit Girlfriend

Piss Mama

Piss Mama, Why People like getting Pee. He’s talking urinate, camera is running, otherwise known as piss play or golden showers. get me to give the old pee play a try. I know everyone thinks it’s so funny and embarrassing, but it’s coming at a weird time for my relationship. My partner recently opened up about the fact that he’d like me to pee on him. It was a sexy thing for me … Now Watch…

Scat For The Licking Slave

I wanted to treat myself to something good. So I had ordered a gentleman who had already proven himself as a licking slave.Today he has to run extensively. Nice deep he had to work with the vibrator my horny cunt while licking my clit properly. I had demanded two orgasms as a minimum from him. Since the slave has fulfilled this minimum, there is a nice reward for him: fresh caviar directly from the source on his body and in his wide open mouth.


A huge amount of slaves write us about being a filming slave in extreme pain and/or human toilet scenes. Normally a huge percentage of these applications are guys wanking in front their computer and most would never dare to show up for a shoot like that. In this case the slave Bryan really had no choice, as he already showed up. Basically Mistress Chloe should pee (a lot) and why go to the toilet when you have 3-4 slaves waiting to film? Slave Bryan was picked and dragged to the dungeon. First Mistress Chloe chewed and crushed some chocolate biscuits into a bowl to make it a real meal for slave Bryan – then she pee on top of the biscuits, not just a small pee but basically fill up the whole bowl. Then come the big question; Are you hungry slave? Well there was not much of a choice for poor slave Bryan, as he would have to drink and eat it all.

3 Days, 3 Shits In 3 Different Public Toilets

3 days, 3 shits in 3 public toilets in 3 different shopping centers: Metropolis Shopping Center, Auchan Shopping Center, Vulcano Shopping Center. Special price for the full video.