Guy Shits On Girl Skat

Diva Staxxx’s Two Front Storm!!

Diva Staxxx’s was channeling on of my favorite heroines in this clip!! Enjoy as she takes you “Behind the Scene’s” in more ways than one!! In the latest from her Dual Angle perspective ENjoy as she takes you both in front the camera and behind it both from the angles she uses and her setup!! Enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to show the splacks fall in the bowl from overhead, and enjoy her facial expressions, grunting, straining, tit and belly rubbing from the front camera at her feet! Two more ways to enjoy one or your favorite Asses!!

You Like Me? Drink My Piss! – Full Movie Hd Only

I’m a hot bitch with lot of suitors. This one in front of me, he’s got potential but I gotta make sure he’s worthy. So I piss on a pitcher, almost filling it to the brim. I spit on it too, for good measure. I put some in a glass and make him drink it. And he did!

Lady Celine – Full Toilet Service P3

Now Lady Celine has to go again to the toilet. The slave has to be fast under the toilet seat, mouth wide open and wait until Lady Celine is pissing and shitting. But the shit does not want to come out. Then Lady Celine stimulates with her finger in her ass and the slave has to lick off the shit from her finger after. Then it goes again on the toilet seat. Now it’s better, and the turd comes out. Bon appetit slave. Lady Celine is reading the newspaper while the slave is chewing the shit and swallow.