Guys Big Shit

Slave Licking Hot Kaviar From My Feet.

Mistress Antonella feeding her slave into the cup of champagne,hot caviar and a lot of champagne.After she put the foot into this cup of champagne . And she is feeding the slave like this, using her feet. Its humiliated him,yes she do it good.She puts her feet into the cup and then gives her slave to lick them clean the foot.

Slave Has Feces For Lunch!

In this situation, it is lunch time so the woman pulls her slave out of his cage to feed him. However, what she puts inside his bowl is not real food, instead, she defecates inside it! When she is finished, she smothers him with her butt and makes him lick her asshole clean! Once she gets contented, she orders him to dive in on his meal! Not wanting to infuriate the dominatrix, the guy buries his face on his bowl filled with poop! Though, shortly after, the sweetheart realizes that he is not eating it so she lays him down on his back and then pours the feces inside his mouth! Leaving him with no choice but to eat!

Sophias Superturd…

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