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Part 2.princess Anabelle And Toilet Slavery

9/2/2018Toilet bowl for Princess.MorningEvening :)Part 2.Princess Anabelle and Toilet Slavery

Goddess Andreea – Shit Feeding In Attic Part 2

Today Goddess Andreea continue the humiliation of her personal toilet slut and she order him again to go in the attic and prepare himself for a feeding. She was dressed in a catsuit and western boots. Goddess get some small toys also for a good feeding session. She use his mouth and suffocate him with her royal kaviar ! She love to use and abuse her personal toilets and she didn’t make any exceptions from her rules : toilets must survive only with her natural food from her divine asshole, else they will be dismissed ! She also use toys to push them deep into his mouth and step on them with her boots. This movie was recorded also with 2 same camera, but from different angles.

Mistress Roberta -huge Diarrhea, Pee And Lick Clean My Ass For Breakfast-pov

This morning your breakfast will be a big one first i poop alot of diarrhea and after i pee next to it, i come near the cam so you can lick clean my ass hole and after you can enjoy the food i have prepared !

Chocolate Ass

girl pumps up the ass chocolate, and it all goes along with diarrhea