Guys Pee King

Doggy Liking Girl’s Shit

Doggy liking girl’s shit. Christina and Lisa decided to train the dog today. Their slave must fulfill the role of a pet. He dutifully carried out their commands – sit, die, down, place. But he was a bad dog because he was constantly trying to sniff the asses of the girls. And for this they had punish him.The doggy was hungry, so the girls decided to feed him. The food for the dog is the crap of the girls that they gave out of their beautiful asses. Slave greedily ate everything from the floor to the last crumb. He ate so greedily, as if it were the best delicacy in his whole life.


Hot messy shit loading in new pink-beige panties for you!

Super Log

That long was so big he hand to catch it

Consumes Alot

obedient slave wants to insure he does not miss a drop but using a funnel.