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Mistress Gaia – Cordon Bleu Scat

So you don’t want to eat my shit raw. That’s ok… I’m going to arrange a little treat for some of you.I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Firstly though, I have to make sure you have that thing in you hand, YES your cock. Pay attention, as I’m going to prepare this little treat from the very beginning. As I remove my clothes, I’m sure you’ll antisipate what’s cum-ming. I have a very nice new pan that I’m going to use to shit in. Don’t worry, It’s clean. I will then place it on my cooker and slowly allow it to cook. 5 minutes should be enough. There we have it, your original Courden Bleu shit by Goddess Mistress Gaia. Maybe some ORANGE JUICE to wash it down. Enjoy!!

Masturbating Sweetheart Accidentally Poops! – Part 2

The lady continues fucking her pussy and asshole at the same time! Shortly after, she grabs a vibrator and then rubs it on her vagina while still using the dildo! Everything went well in the beginning. As a matter of fact, she is so close to reaching orgasm when she suddenly triggers her rectum and feels the need to defecate! So she puts everything aside and immediately makes her way to the bathroom! Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite make it and ends up pooping inside the bathtub!

The Best Toilet For Pretty Girl! Princess Millie!

New Beautiful Extreme and young girl Millie use her slave like a toilet. If you are into scat eating and connoisseur of female beauty you’re gonna love this video. Millie talks with her slave and command him to lick and kiss her pretty legs. She have a beatifull and very sweet ass. At the first, she shits in his mouth with very sexual groans. She very strongly wanted to shit and couldn’t constrain anymore. Millie sit on his face with her full body weight with her anus tightly pressed with his open mouth. Millie asks the slave to eat and chew her delicious shit. She fills his mouth with the most tasty shit from her beautiful ass and told him to lick her ass. In the process since girls anus is tightly pressed to slave’s open mouth no bad smell comes out and a perfectly odor free toilet experience for the mistress, in this process. After licking her ass she spits in his mouth and require him to swallow. She humiliate the slave and controls his actions, constantly communicating with him. She is very exсited and love BDSM!

Mistress Roberta – Preparing The Breakfast In Leather-pov

Today my toilet slave you will have a special breakfast me doing it wearing leather so enjoy the view and the full breakfast today pee and creamy poop served in the toilet, enjoy!