Guys Shitting In Briefs

Tammy, 19 Yo Teen Mega Shit

Sexy Tammy turns her butt into your face and starts to shit!!

Clean The Shit Boots Completely

Our boots licker gets a lesson to learn. The small cattle is whipped and feels our heels, his tongue can only lick every spot of our boots, then Miss Jane shits a fat bunch directly on my boots. The loser must of course clean everything with his tongue, the shit is swallowed down and the floor also cleaned. I piss directly into his mouth, in the future he will suck any dirt from our soles, no matter what sticks to it *smile*.

Brooklyn Brownie’s Runny Bum Bum!

Brooklyn is back with two quick explosions!! Enjoy in the 1st scene a nice watery explosion on the toilet. Then in the second scene enjoy as she spreads wide to drop a loose load on the plate!! More Bubblicious Bubblegut action from BK’s finest!!


Baby is hot teasing you with sexy shitting in white shorts;)