Gymnast Ik Pee

Interview With Coprophilia Boss! – Full Movie

A single mother who is desperate for work to be able to provide has come for an interview to a job posting she saw on the newspaper as a secretary. Unknown to her is that her soon to be boss has a poop fetish. Which will be included in her daily task starting immediately!

Mistress Gaia – Lunch Pack Scat Treat

ENGLISH SPOKENAlthough my slaves are not entitled to any lunch, I decided to give you a little treat. I am going to prepare a lunch pack for you. Make sure you handle it carefully, and don’t waste any while opening it. Enjoy the lunch SCAT treat of Goddess Mistress Gaia…

Fat Shit

I spread my ass and take a fat shit for you.

On The Toilet

Two videos of yours truly on the toilet a little constipated in the first segment wearing a tank and shorts but took the shorts off so I could let the turds go easier. In the second segment I was home alone and nude I released a huge turd while on twitter. It ends with me wiping my big ass.