Had Go To Pee

Rapid Swallowing Of Female Shit Without Chewing!

Rapid swallowing of female shit without chewing! I liked to swallow shit blindfolded – so I can deeply taste taste and suppress vomiting better! So for girls it is more comfortable when they do not see the eyes of a slave – do not perceive it as a person. This video clearly shows my throat – how I suffered when I swallowed Amina’s shit and how hard she commanded the feeding process. I quickly swallowed 2 large and hard pieces of shit from Amina, but with great anguish. This time I swallowed almost without chewing – I become more comfortable female toilet. Before Amina I was heavily loaded with Yana – she really had a lot of crap this time – when I swallowed a portion and thought it was the end, Ian filled my mouth again! Her shit looked ugly – but I did not see it when I swallowed. Christina started today! She energetically filled me with urine and bitter shit and prepared me for the next girl.—Throat close-up – to see the process of swallowing. The girls said that now I swallow faster than before.

A Big Crop To Serve..

Sexy Shitbombs from Sweet girls..

Ms Jenkins Morning Mudbutt!!

Enjoy three great Early morning clips from Ms Jenkins!! ENjoy as that big juicy chocolate booty of hers squeezes off some great mudslides in these three scenes!! I never get tired of seeing my favorite ?Thug Life? scat starlet handle her biz!! This fine hottie is in and out of trouble so shes? a hard one to track down from time to time, but when she does decide to ?Lawg-in? The results are usually Splacktastic!!