Hairy Anus Shitting

Close Contact! Yana. Part 1!

Close contact! Yana. Part 1! Girls can realize a variety of fantasies with the toilet slave. Slave can be used, for example, in the role of furniture. The girl can lie on him like on a bed and enjoy the way he sniffs, kisses and licks her ass. The slave relaxes the anus of Mistress, who can relish fart into his mouth or give him to try a little piece of crap. And then, the toilet slave is used for his intended purpose. Mistress fills his mouth with her sweet shit, and then sits on it, pressing it into the slave’s mouth. The slave swallows very quickly so as not to suffocate. And this is a close contact.

Slave Washes Sweet Ass Girls

Today, the girls decided to test the slave. He must determine whose panties by their smell. He coped poorly with this task, so the girls humiliated and punished him. They beat him on the cheeks, kicked him in the balls.Having a lot of fun, they decided to feed him. As usual, he completely swallowedtheir shit. For him it is an honorable duty to eat shit of girls. And he completely swallowed everything.But this time there was something special. Lisa has a menstruation these days. Her shit was with spice. And he coped with this task.And after taking shit of each of the girls a great bonus was waiting for him. He was allowed to wash the ass of every girl.

Mistress Mia Takes A Dump In Her Slave’s Mouth.

Mistress Mia takes a dump in her slave’s mouth.Every day Mia uses the mouth of her slave as a toilet. The full mouth and the face filled with chocolate shit.

Jillian’s Upset Tummy Farts And Splashez!!

Jillian was really backed up! Enjoy as she finally finds some relief for her constipation. Enjoy as she rubs her belly to push out a few farts and pl0ps. Enjoy some loud grunting and straining and enjoy as she struggles on the pot with gurguling gut. I have a thing for watching pot bellied girls shimmy and shake as they go through their toilet business!! Another FUNKY clip from this BBW hottie!!