Hairy Ebony Women Pooping

He Asked For It, So I Shit On His Face! – Full Movie

My pathetic boy toy wants it so bad he begged for it. Who am I to refuse? So I made him strip and wear my favorite mask. I sat above his head and he’s already waiting with his mouth open. First, I pissed on his face as appetizer. Then I took a dump right straight to his mouth and the creature lapped it all up!

*playful Shit*

Showing off my shitty ass crack smeared in poo and my pussy that is leaking some sweet cream for you. I take another shit and wipe it up.

Serena Plearures Toilet Slave

serena pleasures takes a huge shit in her slave mouth.

Shitting In The Maid Outfit

Since I was just in a sexy outfit on cleaning, even when pressed for a long sausage in his ass. I canceling out for you with loud Moaning. Am I so also times when you brush? 😉 … With talk 😉