Hairy Man Shitting

Queen Sylvy’s Pooty Booty Bathroom Logs!!

Queen Sylvy is back with another!! Live from Brazil, itÂ’s been a pleasure watching this exotic goddess share her delicous MILF booty with us over the past year!! Enjoy two new clips loaded with poots, plops, and pee!! Enjoy in the 1st as she puts the camera on the floor as she spreads and pushes her morning load in the toilet. In the second, we get another excellent POV as she pushes out some serious logs and back splashers into the bowl!! Two new action packed to clips to add to your collection!!

Ashtray And Full Shit Eating With Scat Goddess

HERE, ON OUR STUDIO, YOU CAN BUY VIDEOS WHERE THE TOILET REAL ENJOY SCAT GODDESS SHIT AND EAT IT, WITH SWALLOWING ! Again Scat Goddess with another gorgeous movie. She adore to use the full trained toilets who obey everything and also EAT all HER SHIT !! In this movie today, she begin with a teasing session with face sitting and ashtray and at the end, when she was ready to deliver a huge shittty, she go with her toilet in bathtub and fill his hungry mouth with her filth. She play with her shit in his mouth, smear it on his body, chest, cock, play with her hands deep in his throat and order him from time to time to CHEW and SWALLOW all he have in mouth. Brave toilet who can eat all her stinkly shit without puke !!!

Aria’s Don’t Rush Me! Grunts, Plops, And Strains!

Aria had to Poo under pressure in these three clips! Enjoy the rearview action as Aria does her classic Grunt, Plop and Strain routine. In the first she was headed out to a sale at the mall on Black Friday while also chatting with her mother while she was on the toilet. She asks her mother I guess I should hurry up then huh? Of course her mom said yes. Aria replied Don’t rush My poop! She then proceded to let out some quick heavy ones. Enjoy two other lovely rearview shots of that juicy ass of hers as she makes those sexy as struggle noises she is famous for!! I swear you see clips like this and can’t help but be aroused by watching a beautiful woman on the toilet!! It’s girls like her that make me addicted to my work! It ain’t work when you having fun!!

Bit Off More Than He Could Chew 1080p

We had the toilet go out and find random ladies that would use him this morning. After 6 rejections he found a willing ebony woman with a huge butt who just finished her breakfast and coffee at a local diner and who had to shit. She took him back to her place and delivered more than he could eat. Talk about a big breakfast for the toilet. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really pile up in his mouth.Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats.