Hairy Mature Pissacm

Drink My Pee Slave – 16

I love to see my worm drinking my pee… And he must swallow all! For helping him I put a funnel in his mouth, then I pee into a feeding bottle and I order him to drink from it. I also spit in his mouth and I use him as an human ashtray

Very Painful Eating Shit Christina

I did not dare to do this video for a long time, but I did it all the same! As I assumed after the video, I had hundreds of wounds in my mouth and lips, which were very painful, but at the time of shooting I did not feel pain, but only enjoyed it. Christina was very cruel and ruthless – I was completely in her power and served her. She was well prepared, ate a lot – ate pizza, rolls and other food (last night she spent with her boyfriend, Christina told me that they watched movies all evening and ordered with delivery of pizza and rolls) – she furiously shit with a fart! It was really tasty, and the smell was amazing !!

Secretary Ami Peeing Her Panties Pantyhose

Curvy Ami is stuck at desk on assignment, wearing white panties & sexy sheer fetish pantyhose with a black seam & bows on the back. She’s squirming in her seats, crossing her thick legs tightly. She finishes her assignment & stumbles to the toilets, grabbing her crotch, but barely sits down before peeing loudly though her panties & pantyhose, sighing loudly in relief! Now she has to dry them off with paper towels & the hair dryer before heading back to work smelling like PEE! She’s mortified and embaressed she couldn’t make it to the toilets & take off her clothing before her pee started leaking out & wetting herself. Cute behind the scenes where she explains just how badly she has to pee!

Double Mistresses Break-in New Slave!

Two mistresses have a new slave and he is totally fresh and need some severe training. They abuse him, but showing some mercy they introduce him to food crushed by their beautiful feet. He takes to his training well and is rewarded by hot piss across his face and into his mouth. The slave is being broken in well. He is rewarded by the real deal and is given fresh scat from one of his new rulers. To show appreciation, they smother and bite him and his ruthless introduction continues. Before the end, he is considered to be broken in much the same way as a horse is broken in and treated like a human live stock.