Hairy Peeb

Squat Over My Slave!

It’s time to feed my slave again and this time I grab 2 little speakers and get on them while I squat over his nasty little face and shit right into his mouth. I make him eat it all and he loves it…don’t you wish you could take his place?

The Measure P1

A friend of Mistress Michelle brings a toilet slave to trained him to eat shit. Soon plops a big turd in the mouth of the toilet slave. Even piss and spit gets the slave.

Smear Shit On The Floor Mat With Foot

!?! Package for my slave But what one I already had my doormat with a giant turd best├╝ckt.Now I distribute it on the mat, with my bare feet.Dabei You may zuschauen.In another video You can look at the result.


Ruslana is hot laoding huge messy shit in tight beige pantyhose!