Hairy Peeing Lesbian

Double Shit In My Room2

I came home. Today my white socks. I was dressed like a schoolgirl. I bolted my stomach. I want shit. I completely undress and start to shit. This can be seen near. I feel better.I like shit very much. I can not go visit a friend. My toilet is closed. I shit in the middle of the room. I show a close up shit.

Public Beach Wetting/pissing

Last days of the summer are amazing! Sunny and warm! Watch me at a beautiful beach full of people, coming out of the sea, drinking an ice coffee, squatting on the sand and peeing in my bikini, watering the dunes with dozens of people all around! Taking a shower after that and showing some tits:) It`s a great feeling to empty your bladder in public:)

Pissing On The Bed

Pissing on the bed (JJ000714)

Pissed Off Wife Scats On Husband! – Part 2

I unloaded a huge chunk of shit on his face! Then I made him clean my filthy asshole with his tongue!