Hairy Piss Drink

Mistress Gaia – Scat Masturbation Instruction

CUSTOM REQUEST – ”In this video you are wearing high heels and nude. I would like to see you eating food and chewing it. With your mouth open, spit it on a plate. Then shit in it. Please have your ass in front of camera, so I can see the shit coming out. Also, provide masturbation instructions to me while telling me to enjoy my food…”

Urine On The Body And Cum On Her Face

I wore a nice underwear with white color I caress my pussy and clitoris now I’m pissing in a bowl with a strong stream. Now I can surely bring to orgasm. I wore white underwear. I write straight into my pants. My friend is now pissing at me. I’ll make him blow one. At this time, I masturbate their pussy vibrator. My friend ends up in my face.

Enema Push

Erica couldn’t shit for more than a day so she decides to take an enema; well this sure helps Erica clear the scat from her insides.