Hairy Piss Slave

400 Ml Fresh Piss Only For Me Because You Were Not Punctual

I think it`s a great pity that you did not manage to be on time to drink my fresh urine that I actually only for you have tapped. Now you just bad luck and I drink the 400 ml of fresh piss on Ex.

Soft, Hard, Soft Turd Drop!

Her hubby will do anything to please her and this includes letting her shit on his face and body! Now he is lying on the floor waiting for her to scat on his pathetic face. She hikes up her skirt and squats over him. She ejects soft liquid shit that lands straight on his open and willing mouth. He eats every drop and waits for his wife’s approval!

Slave On The Floor And Girls Above Shitting Part 6

Girls Uses Man

S;pw Shitting

While running my bath water to enjoy a nice soak and a bit of Toriko, I had to take a shit. My laptop was setup perfectly on the toilet so I pooped on the floor instead with a little pee. I am surprised at how slowly it came out!