Hairy Pregnant Piss

Alexandra Poo First Use Toilet Slave

I use the male slave as a living toilet for the first time in this video. I humiliate him and raise him with a whip. You have to clean my shoes, stupid slave. You gotta lick my asshole and suck the heels while I’m smoking. Lie on your back and open your mouth. Have fun – eat my shit!

Mega Diarrhea-shit For The Slave Mouth! Part 2

(Part 2, from the Full Movie: Mega diarrhea-shit for the slave mouth!)After my Mega diarrhea shit and piss extreme, in the wide-open mouth, one of my toilet slaves. Had this now, eat my whole shit and my diarrhea-shit, who had not landed in his mouth, he had, from his face, his nose and his eyes, pushing with his fingers, in his mouth, chew, swallow and eat! I ordered him to swallow everything and humiliated him with harsh words!

Gummy Bears With Shit For Breakfast

Gummy bears with shit for Frühstück.Auch the early morning you can sometimes something delicious treat for breakfast or? One that’s been delicious fresh shit again with what to eat sweets.