Hairy Woman Shits

100% Handmade! Multifunctional Toilet Slave!

100% handmade! Multifunctional toilet slave! Girls do not like to dirty their hands when they visit the toilet, they do not want to smell their shit and see it. Today the girls said – you have to do all the work yourself, our shit is your concern!First, the girls ordered the slave to take off his pants and show his little dick. Girls are very amused by the size of the toilet slave’s penis – they have never seen a penis of that size and it is funny to them that people live with such small things and even have sex. For girls, he is not a male person, he is a toilet designed for the most delicate women’s affairs. At first, girls dominate and kick a slave in the balls, and then use him for the dirtiest women’s affairs ..

Sweet Alina Is Powerfully Shitting And Farting On Toilet. Morning

Sweet Alina is powerfully shitting and farting on toilet. Morning

Kaviar, Whipped Cream And Raspberry

Watch me feeding my slave with kaviar, whipped cream and raspberry… he is so hungry…

Oxana Beige Jeans Messy Poop Farts

Oxana is farting today for with pooping farts in her favorite beige jeans!